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Albany, Dublin, Hayward, and Pleasanton are changing their default service plans to Renewable 100 in January.

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No Power? No Problem.

Get preferred pricing on solar and energy storage systems through EBCE’s Resilient Home program.

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Resilient Home is a program from EBCE that makes it simple for property owners to see if a solar and battery backup system is right for you by providing free quotes and pre-negotiated pricing.

Good News! In the last 12 months nearly 2,000 residents have signed up for Resilient Home with over 400 new solar and battery backup systems installed or in construction (and counting). To further lower customer cost, our partner Sunrun will also pay property owners an additional incentive after installation for agreeing to share their stored energy with EBCE when the power grid is operating normally, but demand is high.

• For homeowners the incentive will be $1,250 until November 1, 2021.

• After November 1, the program incentive will drop to $500.

• For multi-family property owners, the incentive will vary based on system size.

Installing a solar + battery backup system makes sense: you’ll save money by storing the solar energy you produce and using it when rates are highest. And, you’ll be prepared for potential rolling blackouts and PG&E grid outages during wildfire season, heatwaves, earthquakes, and other unpredictable events.

Resilient Home not only helps you keep the lights on and fridge cold when the power is out; EBCE will also pay you for sharing your stored energy during peak times when there isn’t an outage!

We’ve done the upfront legwork to select an experienced industry partner, Sunrun, for our customers. Sunrun will work with you to determine if a solar + battery backup system can help reduce your energy costs and provide critical power during outages.

If you are a homeowner, please complete the form below today to schedule your no-obligation appointment with Sunrun. If you are the owner or manager of a multi-family property with five or more units, please email to get started, rather than completing the form.

NOTE: Some versions of Internet Explorer browser are not supported by the webform below. Please use Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox to complete the form.

Wildfire season is coming and the time to prepare is now.

2020 was a record-setting year of wildfires in California. Solar and battery backup systems are considered an essential service by the State of California, and EBCE’s Resilient Home program can help residents throughout Alameda County power through, together.

“No-Contact” Consultations and Installations

EBCE and Sunrun are committed to reducing the risk of COVID-19 while still enabling people to install solar and battery backup systems. To limit person-to-person contact, Sunrun is scheduling phone and video consultations. Sunrun has also invested in technology to streamline their installation processes, from surveying rooftops to permitting, to installation, which enables their team to keep your project moving without needing in-person meetings or reviews.

Additional Incentives

Financial incentives may be available from the state to help you install backup power for your property. EBCE and Sunrun can help you navigate the available incentives, and get you the best price on the most affordable, reliable equipment available.

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