Power Projects

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EBCE’s goal is to buy power from renewable energy facilities in California that are built to supply our customers. Toward that end, in 2019, EBCE signed nine contracts to develop wind, solar, and energy storage projects that are now being built in California to serve EBCE customers specifically. EBCE continues to expand the portfolio of projects that will provide our local energy customers with greener power at lower rates. A list of our contracted facilities is below. We will update this table periodically, and plan to include photos and video of the projects in their various stages of development.

Building more renewable energy power plants also allows EBCE to seamlessly transition more of our community onto our Renewable 100 service plan, and to meet our goal of 100% carbon free electricity for all customers by 2030.

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Developer Project Name Technology Nameplate MW Storage MW/MWh County Online Term (years) Photo/Video
Clearway Energy Group Golden Fields Solar Solar 112 0 Kern December 2020 15 Video
Greenbacker Capital Scott Haggerty Wind Energy Center Wind 57.5 0 Alameda July 2021 20 Video
Pattern Energy Tecolote Wind Wind 100 0 Torrance and Guadalupe (NM) December 2021 10 Photo and photo
Convergent Energy and Power Henrietta D Energy Storage Storage 0 10/40 Kings January 2022 15 Photo
Idemitsu Renewables Tulare Solar Center Solar 56 0 Tulare May 2022 15 Photo
Clearway Energy Group Daggett 3​ Solar+ Storage​ 50 12.5/50​ San Bernardino​ September 2023​ 15 Development Photos 1 2 3
EDP Renewables EDPR Solar Park Solar + Storage 100 30/120 Fresno Q4 2023 20 Development Photos 1 2 3
Intersect Power Oberon Solar+ Storage ​ 125 125/500 Riverside​ January 2024 10+
Terra-Gen Sanborn Storage Storage 0 47/188​ Kern Q2 2024 12
Terra-Gen Edwards Solar Solar + Virtual Storage 100 TBD Kern Q2 2024 15
LS Power Tumbleweed Energy Storage Storage 0 50/200 Kern June 2024 15
NextEra Kola Energy Storage II Storage 0 125/500 Alameda or San Joaquin Q2 2025 20
Fervo Energy Corsac Station Geothermal 40 0 Churchill County (NV) Q4 2026 15
Wind turbines in the East Bay hills