Bill Protection for Time-of-Use Rates

In May 2021, most residential electricity customers in Alameda County were placed on Time of Use rates as part of a statewide transition to support more renewable energy. The transition included a year of bill protection, which has now concluded.

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East Bay businesses are now enjoying more renewable energy at lower rates. Choose from different service plan options, including 100% renewable energy and a lower-cost basic plan.

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The following comparison is for an average small commercial customer on the B-1 rate schedule. A detailed breakdown of rates is available here.

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Wind Solar Hydro Biomass & Biowaste, Geothermal, Eligible Hydroelectric

Other or Unspecified Natural Gas Nuclear

Renewable 100

Get 100% California solar & wind energy

A pie chart showing EBCE Renewable 100 power mix

100% eligible renewable
Price: 1 cent per kilowatt hour above PG&E rates

$ 499 .08


  • $131.72 electric generation
  • $284.65 electric delivery
  • $82.71 additional fees

Bright Choice

Our basic plan, which provides savings compared to PG&E rates

Pie chart showing EBCE Bright Choice power mix

40% eligible renewable energy
Price: 1% below PG&E rates

$ 479 .11


  • $111.75 electric generation
  • $284.65 electric delivery
  • $82.71 additional fees


For comparison, your previous basic plan

Pie chart showing PG&E power mix.

31% eligible renewable energy
(84% carbon-free including 43% nuclear)

$ 481 .08


  • $196.43 electric generation
  • $284.65 electric delivery

*Based on an average B-1 customer using 1795 kWh/month.

What's your default plan?

AlbanyBrilliant 100 (Renewable 100 starting in January 2022)
BerkeleyBright Choice
DublinBright Choice
EmeryvilleBright Choice
FremontBright Choice
HaywardBrilliant 100
LivermoreBright Choice
NewarkBright Choice
OaklandBright Choice
PiedmontBright Choice
PleasantonBright Choice
San LeanderoBright Choice
TracyBright Choice
Union CityBright Choice
County of AlamedaBright Choice
Field of windmills